" If you have money, please think of suffering poor, orphans, sick & starving to die children, serve them, they are your concern at present and future, future is our children, their satisfaction which is heartening pure is your satisfaction, blessing is for you and your own kith and kin of many generations to come. If you have more money distribute the benefits accrued among your poor friends and relations. If you have plenty of money, allocate a fare share for your own enrichment and the rest remaining fair enough for a noble cause to enrich life of others and protect the nature as well. Please note your life is placed on a timed program and breath disconnected for sure is certain, but time and place is unpredictable. " These thoughts are penned on my own experience facing life and death related scenarios and some tragedies encountered, witnessed in person first as a child, a student, signaler and now as an aspiring social entrepreneur growing up within a traditional Sri Lankan Malay family evolved over 7 generations in this soil in recent history. Serve now with a purpose, reality is belief is my motto. "  Dedicated charitable organization to serve the cause is one of my goals in life.                                                    

- Fadyl Meedin

Child Development

SPCDC, is the Child Development division coming under Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Organisation (SUNFO), is a Children’s Home providing care and support for female under aged children of migrant workers serving in the Middle and Far East. SPCDC offers residential and group care that enables female children to build positive relationships with caring staff members who are committed to their personal growth and success. SPCDC @ Karandeniya, Sri Lanka was one such project for orphaned girl children.

Donor Assistance

The envisaged project was completed by end of November 2013 providing landscaped garden, tiled floors with modern bathroom fittings, bedding, linen, interior decor with complete color washing, overhaul to drainage, water, electrical systems. Formal opening was held on on 27 Jan 2014 at Karandeniya with the distinguished presence of Lord Mayor Henry Bronner, Ms. Raymond Bronner and Deputy Mayoress Hon. Lucy Nusli, Hon. Eddi Nusli and their delegation of Vendenheim City, Strasbourg, France.