Existence of Reality I believe on the phenomenon of physical world.

  • Some see the world around us as a temporary abode before we shed it and move on to something better.
  • Some see it as a snare of suffering and absurdity.
  • Some think the world has numerous layers or dimensions- or has a distinctly spiritual side. 

How do you see the world? How do we fit into it ?


" The physical world is the whole set of things necessary for existence. It is our home, and so I am often concerned about it being properly maintained. While I may not see or understand everything about it, it Is entirely physical to me. My good friend, a so called lay preacher, sees it as entirely spiritual. Yet, we are in near total agreement about how it works, regardless of its substance. What the physical universe is or will become, with me as a constituent, is completely trustworthy."


Some of my collections are illustrated as my interests in this beautiful world of flowers, trees and animals as a hobby and study on nature close to my heart and soul in preceding pages.