Publishing is the process of producing and publicly distributing information. I am making an attempt as a freelancer to publish a variety of content, including my ideas, experiences, stories, observations, and opinions developed through insights gained as a child, student, soldier, trainer, facilitator, researcher and developer. Additionally, I will publish the pictures I take, videos I produce, or other forms of art I have created. Publishing my work allows me to share my life and obtain feedback from others as well as preserve long-lasting memories for years to come even after my death. 

Selected Case studies, Concept Notes, Proposals, Dissertations are published under ICT, Security, Sports, Defense and Business disciplines developed, presented and published are released for the benefit of internet users for study, research and referencing purposes only.

Please Note: My attempt in online publishing allows quick and easy feedback from friends, students, peers, subordinates, superiors, or even experts from around the world, use of materiel by others will be at their discretion, and I hold no responsibility for any lapses committed by such actions, intentionally or otherwise.